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Reviews written by Brooks Butler

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Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   October 12, 2017

It probably is all about the cookie money which is huge.

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   October 01, 2017

Anyone who rents a truck to a potential jahdi should be arrested and tried as an accomplice.

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   July 28, 2017

McCain could not resist getting the knife in and giving it a twist. Trump should not attend his funeral.

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   July 11, 2017

The Russian lawyer claims the subject of the meeting was the Magnitsky Act and the ban on adopting Russian children. I doubt that Donal Jr. knows anything about the...

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   May 12, 2017

Why feed the dogs when you know they will bite you every chance they get?

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   May 12, 2017

They hate Comey but hate Trump more!

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   May 09, 2017

Gen. Flynn needs to testify under oath in an open hearing. Susan Rice must too. I hope that Rep. Trey Gowdy gets an opportunity to ask the questions...

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   April 07, 2017

Can you imagine the legal team that is mobilized for Susan Rice? She may be guilty as hell but will skate untouched.

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   April 06, 2017

The Sec. of Energy is by statute a member. Check it out. This didn't come about by any logical choice or merit. He may be a great...

Brooks ButlerBrooks Butler   March 18, 2017

Those 74 year olds are surely aggerrsive when backed up with their toy poodles! Savage has enough money to hire aq bodyguard. It looks like he will need...

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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