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Reviews written by Michael Hutson

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Michael HutsonMichael Hutson   October 14, 2017

i don't agree with the author"Fuzzy Slippers".i think Melania came out of the kerfuffle looking classy as she always does,and Ivana kind of sad,like she had been eating sour grapes...

Michael HutsonMichael Hutson   October 04, 2017

while certain high profile country music people came out for Obama like Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks,and of course there's always the leftie wacko Dixie Chix, a great deal of...

Michael HutsonMichael Hutson   July 28, 2017

these Sharknado movies are perfect for the gullible masses "hooked" in by the hoax known as Climate Change(formerly "Global Warming")-for the rest of us? possibly light entertainment/fantasy genre

Michael HutsonMichael Hutson   June 18, 2017

i can understand why he withdrew-he can probably better serve the president in another capacity-a high profile one like this one would put a perpetual target on his and his...

Michael HutsonMichael Hutson   March 01, 2017

no this isn't new,but the child porn watchers are clinically ill and should be receiving therapy not employment,perhaps even while incarcerated the rest summarily fired! unfortunately it's near impossible to...

6 results - showing 1 - 6  


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