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Reviews written by Ted Wark

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Ted WarkTed Wark   October 13, 2017

Here's what all the folks want to say to P Diddy,(whoever the hell he is) go f*** yourself!

Ted WarkTed Wark   October 02, 2017

As usual ISIS is completely full of camel shit by claiming responsibility for the Vegas shooting!

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 30, 2017

Obviously not an accredited university!!!

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 28, 2017

What the hell is the matter with you idiots in California? Throw this bitch out and ALL the other assholes who took a knee out with her. Sounds like the...

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 25, 2017

I like Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers however, they are completely wrong on this issue which has absolutely NOTHING to do with race relations until ONE player made it...

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 24, 2017

LeBron James....what disrespect!! Once an asshole always an asshole!!

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 03, 2017

People you must remember, that the lowlifes who criticized Melania's choice of shoes are assholes with nothing better to do. Anyone who agrees with them...ditto!

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 01, 2017

Well, whatever the position, he will be a welcome addition.

Ted WarkTed Wark   August 24, 2017

VandeHei, Todd and Namako (especially Todd) don't have any reason for concern as I believe only journalists may or may not have any reason for concern. Just more bullshit...

9 results - showing 1 - 9  


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