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Reviews written by Chet Heath

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Chet HeathChet Heath   June 24, 2017

Methinks Mr. Depp wanted to be able to get back into the US - without law enforcement complications at the border.

Chet HeathChet Heath   June 20, 2017

Obama got completely out of that shit hole and thus created ISIS. Further he moved the war to Afghanistan where we are mired now. The biggest problem we have had...

Chet HeathChet Heath   June 20, 2017

"The three broadcast network evening shows failed to report Chevron legal victories in 2014 and 2016. It was particularly egregious of CBS to ignore the story since 60 Minutes famously...

Chet HeathChet Heath   June 14, 2017

Description of the shooter was a "nasty old woman" which somewhat narrows it down to Hillary, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, or Pocahontas. This is not inconsistent with reports that “He...

Chet HeathChet Heath   June 01, 2017
(Updated: June 01, 2017)

The next picture that I want to see is Trump holding her real head in the same way. That will stop all these vicious attacks on the President and the...

Chet HeathChet Heath   May 21, 2017
(Updated: May 21, 2017)

Republicans need to bring the battle to the Democrat's home turf. Prosecute Hillary and that will put the Democrats on the defensive. Tie them up in endless...

Chet HeathChet Heath   May 17, 2017
(Updated: May 17, 2017)

Unfortunately, Conservatives do not kill their enemies, like the Democrats killed Seth Rich (wikileaks DNC source). Further, Conservatives to not destroy their critics by character assignation, like the Democrats...

Chet HeathChet Heath   May 16, 2017

THE Washington Post lies, the New York Times lies, Huffington Post and Yahoo lie consistently. They are liberals, they have no morals, only objectives.

Chet HeathChet Heath   May 06, 2017

forget the politics - we need to drop food - this is just like Syria - their own government is killing their citizens by starvation, instead of poison. and...

Chet HeathChet Heath   May 04, 2017

Broadcast Network Affiliates should have to demonstrate objectivity in order to renew their licenses to use the airwaves. TV and Radio belong to the public and should not be...

38 results - showing 1 - 10  
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