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Reviews written by Lisa Vacula

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Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   October 12, 2017

OMG.. now fruit is racist.. cannot bring or eat fruit at any time, this includes bananas as well.. and lord forbid you should bring it all in a brown bag.....

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   September 30, 2017

These people have to get a job.. a laborers job.. like i have had .. and stop sitting around on their asses consipriing to find a so called "better life......

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   September 06, 2017

@blabberbuzz news.. you really have to reset your clock.. this article is dated January 1, 2018!

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   August 31, 2017

@ Bob Odom: perhaps this will help answering your question. Its pretty bad when you have to look elsewhere for the details: http://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/texas-chemical-plant-braces-explosions-fires-hurricane-harvey/story?id=49521170

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   August 15, 2017

May I remind you, that terrorist actions and deeds, causing civil unrest and rioting.. aiding and abetting a terrorist organization (and yes antifa is a terrorist organization or should therefore...

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   July 06, 2017

The big banks do like how they should crash economies.. they are smarter than us.. they know who they are controlling and which economies at any minute they will crash...

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   June 17, 2017

The Government may be partially to blame, however, the people to blame are those who have permitted the installation of such combustible material on the side of their buildings! This...

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   June 12, 2017

The biggest question that must be asked after Manchester is: why there is a want to keep the people UNSAFE and to risk an attack at any cost?!!! There should...

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   May 31, 2017

She should be jailed for intimidation and threatening behavior.. these people are terrorizing our President.. would it be the same had we hold up the same with obama? we would...

Lisa VaculaLisa Vacula   May 16, 2017

I have not read this specific E.O. however, I have to ask the question ... gathering investigative information on honor killings, even though honor killings are not specifically Islamic.. do...

15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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