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Reviews written by Ted Wark

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Ted WarkTed Wark   September 21, 2017

All college students are easily identified these days as they are all revolting!!!!

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 21, 2017

You see, this is what liberalism is all about....praising people who continuously break the laws of the U.S. They have absolutely no respect for 'the rule of law'.

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 12, 2017

Man! What a picture they make. Moore and Carrey---a washed up who knows what ( what was or is Moore anyway ) and a washed up kind of actor! Well,...

Ted WarkTed Wark   September 04, 2017

Why wouldn't Obumass sit by idly now? He did for the past eight years!

Ted WarkTed Wark   August 23, 2017

Hollywood as a whole should be absolutely ashamed of itself. James Woods is an incredible actor, a master of his trade and you double standard, two-faced assholes, producers, directors fellow...

Ted WarkTed Wark   August 16, 2017

And you are and always have been a no-talent, lefty liberal pig who doesn't realize that, you and your liberal asshole comrades are exactly like the Nazis you truly and...

Ted WarkTed Wark   August 13, 2017

There isn't ONE statement above from 'so-called celebrities' that's worth even reading. What a bunch of whining god damned losers who do nothing more than condone this sort of behavior...

Ted WarkTed Wark   July 29, 2017

But not nearly as racist as black people!

Ted WarkTed Wark   July 10, 2017

Hold back ALL federal funding from these asshole cities, boycott them as cities which don't uphold the law of the land therefore too dangerous to warrant traveling to them, then...

Ted WarkTed Wark   June 14, 2017

I think Jeffries has got it wrong. He says that every racist in America voted for Trump. Does that mean that HE voted for Trump? I don't think so. He...

23 results - showing 1 - 10  
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