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Reviews written by Magoo Lew

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Magoo LewMagoo Lew   October 14, 2017

More likely some disgruntled illegals or terrorists setting the fires.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   October 11, 2017

Yes, what could possibly go wrong here. I wonder how many girls will get pregnant in the first year? Follow the money, because that's what it's all about.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   September 15, 2017

Black lives don't matter. Want proof? Just look at Chitcago. They are killing each other by the thousands every year. That is the proof. Same thing in Baltimore.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   September 10, 2017

China needs to stay out of this. It's between the US and N Korea.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   August 17, 2017

She can try I guess, but she will not be in office much longer. She is going to be voted out of office and the new person will start deporting...

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   March 20, 2017

These children have been brainwashed from grade school all the way through college by liberal teachers. That's why they don't think much of President Trump. The parents of these children...

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   March 14, 2017

I'd like Scarlett to do reverse cow girl on me.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   March 14, 2017

Dan looks like he just enjoyed a big mouth full of tube sausage.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   March 10, 2017

Maybe she knows because she was on the receiving end. Trump was pissing on her head.

Magoo LewMagoo Lew   March 01, 2017

The only votes she would get is the black vote and some REALLY stupid white folks.

17 results - showing 1 - 10  
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