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Reviews written by Donald Verhoorn

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Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   May 07, 2017

Now you know how I felt when Obamacare was shoved down our throats during the last administration bitch.

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   May 05, 2017

I would never appollogize for my opinion to an employer. I have the right to my opinion and to back it up the same as anyone else. If the employer...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   May 05, 2017

What is needed is for the politicians to all come together and state unequivocally that they support law enforcement and will support law enforcement 100% without exception. Then they need...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   May 04, 2017

You wish to protest, that is fine but when you ask the majority of those protesting to state what they are protesting against they cannot name specific things that Trump...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   May 04, 2017

In Belgium when asked what your Church can do for you it's doctors said " we can kill you if you would like and send you to your Maker"?...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   April 25, 2017

Show them how ours can hit a row boat from 6000 miles away

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   April 15, 2017

Truman should have let McArthur go all the way to China in 1950 when he had the chance.

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   April 08, 2017

We are living in a New Crusades of Islam vs Christianity. It is time to recognize this and take out Islam once and for all

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   March 19, 2017

We Kno how to do a decapitation attack to eliminate the NK leadership. May day we nuke Pyongyang during the height of there May day parade. The city would be...

Donald VerhoornDonald Verhoorn   March 12, 2017

Another thing which is wrong with it is it is not a tax like social security or Medicare so it is unconstitutional. As per the Constitution Congress has the right...

14 results - showing 1 - 10  
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