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Reviews written by Nolan Welch

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Nolan WelchNolan Welch   August 20, 2017

These fleas of dogs should be shot on sight, no trial, no last meal, no virgins, just plain SHOT and covered with pigs blood and thrown into a giant microwave....

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   August 19, 2017

This problem is in all states. The crooks would rather shoot it out with the police and setting up traps . Its to the point that the bad guys are...

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   July 30, 2017

Well well well, can you imagine that. Why isn't O'bummer arrested for giving billions of dollars of the tax payers money to Iran two weeks before he is out...

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   July 30, 2017

Just who do you think made China one of the strongest military countries????Check out everything you have in your house a see where it was made......CHINA ! ! We...

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   July 05, 2017

This guy has so many sanctions on his country now that he can't even buy underwear. This just plain DON'T WORK!!! The only thing fat boy will understand is...

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   May 29, 2017

If you notice the photo that he is in he is holding his arm pointing. What he is saying is: This thing should come down over there somewhere..........somewhere........maybe over there....

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   May 29, 2017

Wow, did you notice him watching his fireworks rocket wondering just where in the hell is it going. It looked like a kids toy. I think he just fires all...

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   May 11, 2017

Its going to be a short period of time that they will all back out leaving things the way it use to be before all this obammer care came about....

Nolan WelchNolan Welch   May 09, 2017

Could this be more "fake news"?? I sure hope so.

33 results - showing 1 - 10  
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