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Reviews written by Mary Hasting

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Mary HastingMary Hasting   April 07, 2017

About time the Republicans in Congress started using the demogogs actions against them. The Democrats are the ones who voted in the Nuclear option. Glad the Republicans used...

Mary HastingMary Hasting   March 20, 2017

And, is there a reason we should believe Comey? I can't think of one good reason to believe anything he says. I think it's past time we have...

Mary HastingMary Hasting   March 19, 2017

Why Flint, Michigan. That is the City in Michigan that has been taken over by the muslims and their sharia laws. Give this money to a City that...

Mary HastingMary Hasting   March 19, 2017

This would be a great venue for ICE to pick up a lot of illegals. I think ICE should bring plenty of jail wagons to each of these demonstrations....

Mary HastingMary Hasting   March 17, 2017

Excellent!! None of these programs benefit the majority of American citizens. Cut them out, along with EPA, BLM and other departments we don't want nor need. ...

Mary HastingMary Hasting   March 17, 2017

Maybe someone should investigate this Judges' and all her family members legal immigration status. Might prove very interesting.

Mary HastingMary Hasting   March 17, 2017

Time to drain the swamp in the Secret Service. The libturds had eight years to destroy the Secret Service and apparently they succeeded. Time to get rid...

Mary HastingMary Hasting   February 19, 2017

Just so much more B.S. from this site. President Trump has done nothing he can be impeached for and the libturds all know it. Just trying their best...

Mary HastingMary Hasting   February 04, 2017
(Updated: February 04, 2017)

It is none of their business what we chose to do in OUR COUNTRY. They need to take care of their own muslim problems, especially in London.

Mary HastingMary Hasting   January 31, 2017

Why should any citizen of the United States care about what a citizen of another Country doesn't like what we are doing It is really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS....

15 results - showing 1 - 10  
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