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Reviews written by Leonid Bokarius

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Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   October 13, 2017

Just curious what this nasty criminal bitch may teach students.

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 30, 2017

It just shows that NBA authorities are real Americans to differ from nfl (they don't deserve capital letters) bastards

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 27, 2017
(Updated: September 27, 2017)

Look at the awful "highly intellectual" face of this so called woman. Do you have any more questions regarding kneeling idiots? The most scary thing is that such...

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 15, 2017

When these idiots will understand finally that until islam exists there will be no peace on Earth for our children, grandchildren, grand-grand-grand...children. This is not a religion. This...

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 13, 2017

Everything like this has to start with antifa, BLM and all kinds of liberal fachist organizations!!! This resolution shows also that our Congress is to be the first to...

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 10, 2017

Are you crazy? For this bitch, wife of one of the worst criminals in the history of our country, to be a candidate to become our President. You...

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 08, 2017

For how long these damned so called judges will disturb providing security to our country? Judicial system reform is a necessity. Is it possible in any way to...

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   September 05, 2017

Let all of these traitors-democrats go to hell, the only destination all of these bastards deserve!

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   August 23, 2017

No one should be surprised that this obama's bastard goes against current NORMAL and HONEST President. The same pertains to all obama's intelligence and security heads. The war...

Leonid BokariusLeonid Bokarius   June 25, 2017
(Updated: June 25, 2017)

I hope this communist-idiot will be in the first rows of these "thousands", the only place he deserves.

102 results - showing 1 - 10  
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