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Reviews written by Linda Shogren

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Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   August 17, 2017

For the first time in MANY years, ONE man has chosen to stand up for the truth - to tell it like it is - and to go against the...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   May 16, 2017

She is ONE of the most demented "celebrities" we have today. She is not taken seriously by anyone who has a brain. WHY anything she says is even...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   May 12, 2017

Trump needs to cool it with the damn tweets - and firing back every time something happens that doesn't suit him - and the entire White House team needs to...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   May 06, 2017

I LOVE what Rob Pekanik said - WELL SAID and SO TRUE! The Dems don't know whether to _ _ _ _ or get off the pot! All...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   May 04, 2017

Obama's legacy will be one of making our country weaker militarily - and in the eyes of the world. His legacy will be someone who kicked the Constitution out...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   April 25, 2017

What the left wing nut jobs don't realize is that every time they pull these stunts - go after conservatives - that only makes conservatives rise up and fight back...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   April 20, 2017

The Russia thing blew up in their face - so where do they go????? FOOTBALL of course! Anyone that even reads the New York Times is an idiot!...

Linda ShogrenLinda Shogren   March 23, 2017

Hey whatever your name is......................go back to doing what you supposedly do - which is ACT - (though I have never seen you in a movie and don't plan on...

8 results - showing 1 - 8  


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