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Reviews written by Rob Schick

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Rob SchickRob Schick   October 17, 2017

Where's Hill-Billy's hit team when ya need'em? McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Flack, Graham and the other treasonous RINO's are not making America great again. They're continuing the Obama Globalist trash...

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 15, 2017

Our grid could be harden from an EMP for a fraction of what we're handing out to Socialist bankrupt Puerto rico. Fact is our Govt Evil doer did 9-11 and...

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 12, 2017

The irony..for decades blacks wanted to participate in pro sports, now P. Diddy wants to go back to segregated sports ???

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 11, 2017

Al Sharpton is the reason they invented prisons for Psychopath race baiting, anti American Thugs. He sets back race relations 50 years. Just go away ya fake preacher dolt....

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 10, 2017

The Left always resorts to name calling when they loose power...It's Saul Alinsky 101....in the 90's Trump won the Ellis Island award along with Ali and Rosa Parks for helping...

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 08, 2017

Jimmy cares about innocent life except in the womb and in Holly pervert wood where children are kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered in satanic rituals.

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 07, 2017

Trump's being sabotaged by the Bolshevik Democrats and Bolshevik Republican RINO's.

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 07, 2017

C.I.A + Mossad = ISIS

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 07, 2017
(Updated: October 07, 2017)

I'm waiting for the middle eastern sweaty guy driving a gas tanker to plow into a crowd and blow it up so he can get his 72 virgins who will...

Rob SchickRob Schick   October 04, 2017

Neil..get back on your meds...You are 50 shades of ignorant. Shaffer is 100% right on and your lame assertion that this old white guy is ISIS proves your ignorance....

371 results - showing 1 - 10  
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