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Reviews written by Tom Carbone

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Tom CarboneTom Carbone   June 15, 2017

Trump should stop paychecks to Congress until some laws and changes are passed helping to make this Country function again. Once the slugs don't have money deals will be made....

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   June 02, 2017

Backlash against a common sense Administration. Take your PC Anti American Venom out and man and woman up. The people that built this great land and especially the Depression...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   June 02, 2017

How do these Leaders make such statements. France would be the last stop on my list. Keep the hoard their. Maybe we can just turn the planes away from...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   June 01, 2017

Ahole Jim has not had a good movie since Me, Myself, and Irene. Sorry Ace Ventura.....He needs medication to add to her disgrace. I can see making fun of the...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   June 01, 2017

Wow I was fired so now is my chance for payback. If this was true he was bound to report it. Maybe or maybe not Trump could of said it...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   June 01, 2017

Enough of this old hack.. She should be behind bars getting 3 squares a day.

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   May 26, 2017

There should be more reporter slamming going on as maybe they will start telling the truth. The Media needs to face the facts that we have a President who does...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   May 24, 2017

Our former Muslim-in -Chief is still promoting the Muslim Horde to overtake the World. We know what his Agenda is after 8 years of his bullcrap. France now Germany and...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   May 18, 2017

Police to buy Tear Gas , Plastic Bullets, Water Cannons, and Armored Vehicles. Enough of this bull crap. Arrest their asses and put them in jail for the rest of...

Tom CarboneTom Carbone   May 17, 2017

Why don't they help the poor with that money. It will be wasted as Trump is here to stay. These bleeping aholes are a Circus sideshow and nothing else....

70 results - showing 1 - 10  
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