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Reviews written by Tim Wilde

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Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 18, 2017

All those affected by the fires? Should file a class action lawsuit against the state as this is a result of their policies!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 12, 2017

Well let's just see how long your blacks only league lasts P-dumbass??

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 06, 2017

Our intelligence services are so pathetically corrupted, inept, and incompetent it's surreal!! Except of course when it comes to spying on regular Americans and breaking the law. They have become...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 04, 2017

It doesn't take a skilled investigator to figure that out? Now either he is or isn't? There's no in between.

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 03, 2017

If true? Trump has lied to his base to gain votes. And without question will be a one term president.

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 02, 2017

Blaming someone other than themselves is a prerequisite for being a progressive liberal socialist! The only good from this story is Israel making AK's because you know they'll be made...

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 02, 2017

CBS makes an example of their employee for publicly expressing her feelings which in all probability mirrors everyone's there!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 02, 2017

Fu Brokaw you don't want gun control. You want gun seizures from responsible owners all owners!!! Never will happen without a war!!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   October 01, 2017

They just won't get it until they are broke and can't fill a high school stadium!

Tim WildeTim Wilde   September 29, 2017

Dr Seuss racist? Sounds to me like the librarian is the racist! Just another example of disgusting vermin on the left!

277 results - showing 1 - 10  
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