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Reviews written by Dana Cayton

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Dana CaytonDana Cayton   February 28, 2017

Why do you people produce articles of such absurdity, jeh Johnson can't tie his own shoes with out instructions and a coach, so who would really benefit from something such...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   February 28, 2017

You are so full of crap your eyes are turning brown!

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   February 16, 2017

So the obvious statement from above "there would be know way for them to know" and yet the head line on this is "Spies Withhold Intel from Trump, Says WSJ"...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   February 01, 2017

this looks like a bunch of paid protesters to me, way to many people out there. Not to mention they really do not have any idea what they are doing....

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   January 27, 2017

Obama is doing this for some other reason, he has something else in his plans. Diversity, more like division, I do not trust that person. He has lied one to...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   January 20, 2017

Where are the police? these people are blocking citizens rights to pursue happiness, get them out of the way. This is part of Obama and Soros and the crap needs...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   January 04, 2017

Coming from MSNBC really, what are you the poster child from CNN? Obama and Clinton all cite "FAKE NEWS" Obama signs National Defense Authorization Act allowing the government to determine...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   December 20, 2016

So lets see, we are supposed to listen to these people who must do things MULTIPLE times before they get it right, I mean lets think about it, we have...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   December 14, 2016

Children are a gift, of course when the plans of the globalist are to limit the population of the earth to 500 million and to never exceed that again, that...

Dana CaytonDana Cayton   December 14, 2016

Oh give me a break, your 11 year old is worried about Trump........ The only way an 11 year old would have any idea of concern or worry would be...

11 results - showing 1 - 10  
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