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Reviews written by Chuck Parsons

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Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   August 23, 2017

So what they are saying. (The main MEDIA) It`s ok if they put other peoples lives in danger because of THEIR LIES about others. Only they have the right to...

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   June 16, 2017

She will have to get permission from her MUSLIM LEADERS first !!! They actually run that country.

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   May 09, 2017

Congress already knows she is unfit and unstable to be President. Besides after she is charged with TREASON,CORRUPTION and MURDER of 4 Americans she won`t be able to run for...

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   May 06, 2017

Apparently this takes precedence over Hillary Clintons CORRUPTION,LIES.MURDER and TRESONOUS ACTS to our country.

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   May 04, 2017

No!! Pelosi YOU ARE THE JOKE!!!

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   May 03, 2017

As the TRAITOR obama put it AMERICANS are stupid. Anyone with half a brain knows Iran is going to use that money for weapons. And since BITCH HILLARY gave Russia...

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   May 02, 2017

First get rid of Paul Ryan the puppet of obama and the liberals. Then shut it down and start DRAINING THE SWAMP. That is a MUST!!

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   April 20, 2017

What a JOKE!! Whats with the DOJ NO BALLS TO PUT HILLARY and her CORRUPT FOLLOWERS away. She is the real THREAT to this country not Assange.

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   March 17, 2017

Typical Democrate !!! But should it happen it will be the Democrates fault due to their LIBERAL LIES and their LIAR LIBERAL news network CNN. It`s ok the nukes will...

Chuck ParsonsChuck Parsons   March 12, 2017

Just goes to show you that you don`t have to have an IQ to get into HARVARD the LIBERAL SANBOX SCHOOL.

22 results - showing 1 - 10  
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