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Reviews written by Stash Holly

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Stash HollyStash Holly   October 18, 2017

I can't walk in a Millionaires shoes, I can't afford those shoes, you see I work for a living, not get money thrown at me for playing FETCH! ...

Stash HollyStash Holly   October 12, 2017

Of course the Commiecrat Hillary Clinton supports Anti American activities after all she MURDERED 4 Brave Americans, she has to MURDER another 200 Million to rid the continent of her...

Stash HollyStash Holly   October 11, 2017

I was a Boy Scout and we were taught along the lines of the Bible. In fact our meetings took place in a church. I would NEVER allow my sons...

Stash HollyStash Holly   October 05, 2017

Michael Moore, Hilary Clinton, Nanci Pelosi and Chucky Schumer are demanding that Canada end CARS. It is pediculous to have people driving cars knowing they can be used as weapons....

Stash HollyStash Holly   October 05, 2017

It is time to JAIL Governor Moonbeam for his Violation of Oath of Office. It is time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by sending the Head of the Communist Party...

Stash HollyStash Holly   October 05, 2017

The Commiecrat Party can not end the Constitution, can not remove the last block to making America a new Communist Nation. Anyone who has seen Red Dawn know what would...

Stash HollyStash Holly   September 29, 2017

My Mother called my Dad a Whore Chaser, before she died it was revealed she was the WHORE. It is always the one who calls the other a name it...

Stash HollyStash Holly   September 26, 2017

Then what the Hell were you protesting. You support the Police, this all started from the LIE of the BLACK THUG Michael Brown and his Lottery winning Parents. BLM is...

Stash HollyStash Holly   September 13, 2017

When do we call on the Commiecrats to denounce the BLM Terrorists. It is time to prosecute each person we see in the video of them vandalizing UVA. If you...

Stash HollyStash Holly   September 01, 2017

Adolf Obama and his Deputy Rudolph Soros of the Communist/NAZI Party have paid ANTIFA, the Oxymoron name of the NEW NAZI Party and the NEW BROWN SHIRTS who if you...

21 results - showing 1 - 10  
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