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Softball PlayerSoftball Player   May 06, 2017

Far too many people rlock and disrupt traffic flow during these so called peaceful protests. Glad some form of protection is being afforded the dirvers from these lunitics. Nothing is...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   May 05, 2017

I would think a reasonable man would have had the evidence before him before booking them in with the 2 charges against them. Perhaps these prosecutors should be releaved of...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   May 03, 2017
(Updated: May 03, 2017)

My opinion is that Comey is was in a catch 22. But bring it forward qwas the right thing, with that the fBI scould have proceeded to move on Hillary...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 29, 2017

Key word is Appears... A true failure would be a blow up on the pad just after launch. How about a look alike that actually worked and...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 27, 2017

I had thought about taking out the bad boy Kim also, but It would take a major action & need to include the majority of his commanders, for they are...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 26, 2017

Kinda reads like the judge paid to play, like Hillay likely requested from many. Now the judge is trying to keep a dead horse on meds. Corruption at a...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 24, 2017

Warming is a face in Climate change issues. If you've been to Alaska you can visually see the difference over time.That applies to vehicle pollution especially in Ca where the...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 23, 2017

Punishment ought to be either sex change to female or cut off his Testicles. We wouldn't want any sperm escaping. lol Quit the quack, but there are many that...

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 21, 2017

Am wondering is that those with a penis or without one. Or do you know? Hope your happy becaure you don't look all that great.

Softball PlayerSoftball Player   April 20, 2017

Onoe of the best things that has happened to he government in decades. Unearthed the dirt, lies, corruption and probably more dirty tricks they have plyed upon the citizens and...

299 results - showing 1 - 10  
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