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Reviews written by Ed Newbold

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Ed NewboldEd Newbold   July 10, 2017

What can you say about those west-coast states, except that they are MORONS! Doing what they are doing by supporting illegal aliens is in direct opposition to United States...

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   July 07, 2017

"Left wing extremists" pretty much says it all. Thanks to dirtbags such as G. Soros and B. Obama, garbage like this is now commonplace throughout the world. And...

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   June 07, 2017

These two morons are the ones needing impeachment (recall). They are wasting taxpayer money on crap like this instead of doing what the hell they were elected to do...

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   June 01, 2017

Jim Carrey is just as big a piece of human garbage as Kathy Griffin is! Neither one is worth the powder to blow them to hell!

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   June 01, 2017

He better be ready for the "swipe" back that's going to come from our side of the fence! (smile)

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   May 22, 2017

How contemptible and pathetic these left wing losers are, and how much deeper in the filth and mire can they descend to? Me Dear God, why do...

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   May 17, 2017

The Washington Post is just another piece of Left-wing Liberal trashy propaganda. Anyone who reads it, or worse, BELIEVES it, is either a moron or has been brain washed....

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   April 27, 2017

Freedom of Speech bullied down again by cowardly Berkeley town and college officials. Berkeley must be sued over and over again until it gets the picture! We cannot...

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   April 23, 2017

What a HUGE mistake NK would be making in starting a war with the US! I don't think it will come to that, however, as our forces have the...

Ed NewboldEd Newbold   April 20, 2017

If these so-called "sources" have been speaking to CNN and Washington Post, I'd be hard-pressed to lend them any credibility!

256 results - showing 1 - 10  
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