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Reviews written by Kelly Bybee

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Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   October 10, 2017

The party of criminals, "self proclaimed victims" and morally corrupt. DEMOCRATS

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   October 03, 2017

Not so fast! Lets hear about the Filipino girlfriend and the money sent to the Philippines. There are Muslims there!

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   October 02, 2017

It will be interesting to hear more details about the companion.

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   September 27, 2017

They are following the Fascist and Commie handbook. Protest against it but actually support it. This is why we need to do away with the public school system forcing students...

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   September 27, 2017

The left are the weak. Once they piss off the rest of us we will stop them. Easy

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   September 21, 2017

So, Hillary using donations from other countries for her campaign is not a problem but (if proved) the Russians releasing Hillary's e-mails about truths is a problem? Wow, this is...

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   September 19, 2017

This is why people are moving out of liberal cesspool cities. The leftists are crowds of people that were never taught to be responsible for their actions.

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   August 29, 2017

It's time to crush these militants. I saw a group of them in Austin, which is a liberal city. However I was surprised when they did not get support but...

Kelly BybeeKelly Bybee   July 10, 2017
(Updated: July 10, 2017)

Repeal first, expand Medicare to include preexisting conditions and reduce the amount of work it takes for dr and hospitals to get the government funds. and place the FBI in...

60 results - showing 1 - 10  
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