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Reviews written by Mark Hamlet

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Mark HamletMark Hamlet   September 29, 2017
(Updated: September 29, 2017)

Thanks ICE for doing an excellent job but alot more needs to be done. Anyone and I mean anyone in this Country illegal needs and has to be Deported!...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   September 23, 2017

This ugly woman should STFU and go away. I can't believe she is still crying and a lot of her supports still think she is the greatest thing around!...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   June 24, 2017

She was suppose to win big in the President election too according to her. When will this old hag just fade away into the night like all losers do?...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   May 31, 2017

This is the most disgusting thing I have even seen, Her and anyone involved in this video need to be arrested and locked up period! People say she needs to...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   May 22, 2017

Chelsea Handler do us all a favor and grow the Freck up! If you're waiting to break up a marriage then you are a PIECE OF SHIT ! ...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   May 19, 2017

What they need to do ( illegals ) is get off American soil and go back to Mexico period! And again they don't have to break up their family,...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   May 01, 2017

WTF are we funding $295 million to fund Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program, If they want to be a part of the USA then let them Vote to become a...

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   April 11, 2017

AnyOne in this Country Illegal should be deported period!

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   April 05, 2017

I bet My Dog could run as her running mate! GMAF Break!

Mark HamletMark Hamlet   March 23, 2017

These kind of comments should land this Ass in Jail and anyone else who claims this kind of B.S. When are the crying far leftest media and people...

43 results - showing 1 - 10  
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