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Reviews written by Docko Brossman

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Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   January 13, 2017

Hand him compliment after compliment, but just get him the hell out of the joint.

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   January 13, 2017

With prior warning that the Left plans on disrupting the Trump inaugural, it would be prudent to have an army of snipers ready to shoot the leaders, first, and then...

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   January 13, 2017

Well, it is either a brain tumor, or simply that Hillary is drunk most of the time. Most likely is the booze.

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   January 13, 2017

Isn't it about time that Jorge Ramos packs his sh*t and heads on back to his native land? There must bee at least one Mexican village that...

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   January 03, 2017

Another reason why there is no hope of ever changing moslem minds. They have had over 1400 years of brainwashing to get where they are, today.

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   December 27, 2016

Kerry, like Obama is an anti-Isreal buffoon. Netanyahu better see to it that neither is around long enough to gloat.

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   December 22, 2016

Why do they let this piece of islamic terror trash wear that ridiculous moslem hat. For all they know, he could unstring it and hang himself with the cordage. ...

Docko BrossmanDocko Brossman   November 19, 2016

Romney is a looser and not a person Trump should be considering for any position in the Trump administration. He's untrustworthy - a major flaw that won't go away....

8 results - showing 1 - 8  


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