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RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 28, 2017

Isn't it remarkable that after scamming the taxpayer while in office and taking dozens of lavish vacations that Obama and family went from being a junior senator in a bankrupt...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 27, 2017

Another spotlight seeking dingbat dem trying to ride the coat tail wave of a protest whose been in office far too long...another solid reason why we need term limits-too much...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 26, 2017

I'm unsure why-everyone I know has stopped watching-they no longer even go to the local sports bar as they're too angry over these prima donnas...beside, we feel the NFL is...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 24, 2017

These losers suck in the eyes of most us of who have served...many of us veterans are now boycotting the NFL and their advertisers.

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 24, 2017

More and more people are boycotting the NFL, especially we veterans and those still serving and it is already hurting their attendance and some advertisers are beginning to take notice....

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 23, 2017

One thing about up-Chuck-he's never introduced a constructive bill during his entire political career so he has little room to talk...indeed, he's never held a real job in his adult...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 23, 2017

That's Trump's opinion and one shared by many others and we see the number of fans watching games in decline for the NFL [they've had declining ticket sales for awhile...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 19, 2017

Good luck with that-no judge has the authority to over ride a Presidential pardon-if that were the case, plenty of judges would have stepped up to do so when Clinton...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   September 06, 2017

Why didn't these primates lend a hand to these illegals and help them on the path to legalization years ago rather than wait until this day, something they all knew...

RetroGuyRetroGuy   August 20, 2017

Every poll suggests Antifa is a terrorist organization which the FBI should be investigating. This misguided nonsense of revising history has the roots as totalitarian regimes such as the...

38 results - showing 1 - 10  
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