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To the red flag perpetrator's, people are just a number. I believe the one's doing the shooting and killing are selected candidates for the job. The CIA and FBI have a full list of people who are susceptible to mind reprogramming and they take full advantage of them.
I believe this mind control program they use is planted in our military, colleges, churches and the entertainment industry.
If it isn't an immediate catastrophic act it's a long term act such as getting a foreign Muslim agent into the most powerful public position in the world, the President of the USA!!
Remember this, to Lucifer, lives do not matter as long as the agenda moves forward. Our world leaders are doing the same thing. Note that anyone who pops up and tries to expose them has a fatal accident or unexplained (multiple shot) suicide.
Pray for Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their families that they will not be the next casualties in the madhouse government.

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