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Report: Airport Shooter Lived Near Anchorage Mosque
Conservative Blabber
by Breaking    

I work right in the middle of all this, I've been watching the phases of that Mosque going up.. and the rise in the Arab population around town, Funny.. I had Tweeted about this a few months ago and suddenly Today, my Tweet got retweeted, liked and shared a dozen times at least..
About 2 yrs ago, a young Muslim man in his 20's killed a woman he'd been dating - shot her and left her body in a ditch in town.. then on the news, all his neighbors come out to say he drove many expensive cars, all hours of the day and night, they were all afraid of him.. then BOOM, he disappears and I can't even find online what happened to him.. I think someone 'got him out of the state' real quick.. now that lady's Dad is raising her kids..
His name was 'something' Miftari.. a nice Christian boy, I'm sure..

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Myrtle K Linder Written by Myrtle K Linder
January 07, 2017

being afraid, is the poison in our country today, we are afraid to speak out the evil that is flowing across out nation like a flood, with people afraid to fight against it. The WORD OF GOD says the it will get worse and worse in 2 Timothy 3 check it out!!!
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