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This sicko is a pig! The very idea that Democrats are equating this serial sexual predator's unchecked depravity with the relatively harmless masculine bad behavior exhibited years ago by our billionaire President! Where is the remorse that they helped enable this swine's continual perversion with pats on the back, media exposure, & ready acceptance of his "donations." Eagerly accepting his money & favors was the mistake, & it was Democrat politicians & office holders that took the payoffs. It is quickly coming to light that what he was doing was common knowledge in Tinsel Town, & high-ranking Democrats had to have had some knowledge of this, winked, & turned the other way — sadly for those, away from the victims. .

Harvey says this was all a "mistake!," & that everyone is "human." Human? He is thoroughly inhuman. This so-called "mogul" knew exactly what he was doing, & would spare nothing to get his lurid way. He should pay a heavy price for this. These were human beings he abused, not inanimate objects. True Liberals should be horrified & disgusted, & in no uncertain way let this be known. Hollywood owes all of us a huge apology.

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