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Obama making first post-presidential campaign appearance
Conservative News
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May GOD'S choice be elected not mans God is in control PRAY for our nation. /we need /Christian leadership or those that believe in making America safe for all our citizens; and not the ones that are out to lien their own pockets and destroy us.
Anyone Obama is not to be trusted, he is crooked and under demo-rats corruption. Pray that the VA people will vote for the honest candidate not some one for breaking the law or who is crooked. Honesty will WIN in the end. those that are evil will pay the price in the end, an all their corruption they have caused for our nation, and its people. Mr Northam must know how crooked Obama is and how he hurt us, but then again being a democrat and listening to fake news he probably has not heard truth and if he did he wouldn't know it. Praying the VA people wake up and know the danger to expect if he gets in office. Be aware of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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