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Trump suggests NBC's broadcasting license should be challenged
Conservative Blabber
by Leading    

News is to inform people and the people want the truth, not FAKE NEWS, I would not only challenge their license but also their reporters for not informing of us the true facts. Of course the NBC is a democrat news station and they are liars. Lester Holt should be investigated regarding the debate where Hillary got questions ahead of time and then spent days memorizing questions and answers, another crooked thing to do, demo-rats are so deceitful and to think they were elected by others, and don't represent anyone but themselves. sad our tax payers money goes to pay the lairs and crooks, and the innocent are left out in the rain. Well it is time to turn the tables, with TRUTH JUSTICE AND INFORCING THE LAWS and BRINGING JUSTICE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, let those that do a crime pay the time, not only in money but also in doing hard time,

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