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Trump Suggests Challenging Broadcast TV Licenses Over 'Fake News'
Conservative News
by Mid-Day 3    

That would or should wake these MORONS of the MEDIA up but then again they supported Hitlery which means they too STUPID for anyone's good and should be removed from the world. Give their sort to some actual reporters since Journalist is just a polite way of saying LIAR. Strip them all of their licenses and give them only to those who will report the facts and not their opinion as News. This would do America a great service since we would not have to listen to a bunch egomaniacs telling people what the politician just said when heard it firsthand from the politician who said it. I get sick of the BLOWHARDS who claim they speak for the politician even when they say the exact opposite of what the politician just said themselves. I also hate them saying someone won an election when only a very small amount of votes have actually been counted. This should have been stopped when Bush defeated Gore and Williams and Brokaw cried like little girls who have lost their favorite doll when they had to Announce Bush won after more votes were actually counted than the 1 to 2% They used to say Gore won a state. By forcing them to fire all the journalists and hire reporters America might start believing what they say. Now America knows that the TRUTH is exactly opposite what the Journalist says it is.

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