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(Updated: October 10, 2017)

Everyday there will be something new coming out about this for a while to come - we can only hope that the truth will eventually make its way to the public. Has anyone heard anything yet as to how many of the 19 guns (or however many they are saying now) he had in the room where fired? They originally said that police were alerted to his room by smoke detectors going off -due to the smoke from the gunfire - but if he/or someone else shot the guard first - i would think the guard alerted them to the room either before or after he was shot. How in the hell did this guy think he would do all of this - then pick up his guns and just walk out? I have heard the stories that he was planning something else at another hotel - but all I heard that was found in his trunk was ammo and explosives - if this was so well planned out how come he never used the explosives? Someone told me at the beginning this was a gun deal gone bad - that would explain all of different guns he had in the room - If he planned this out so well and calculated it would seem likely he would be using the same ammo and weapon for speed - it doesn't seem seem likely be jumping from gun to gun - looking for different magazines and clips

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