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I do not think that the majority of Californians WANT the State to be Welcome Mat for all of Mexico. But the illegals are running the joint now, they vote on everything so of course the stupid politicians think that this is what the people want. But I have heard from some of the Good People of California and this is the absolute LAST thing they want. In fact I think they would welcome the ICE raids. Now if the Idiots in charge were actually listening instead of congratulating themselves on their moral superiority, they would hear what ICE is actually trying to say. They were trying to say if you would cooperate with us and let us come and get the criminals, then we would not have to do raids where people live and work and possibly round up the people who we are not really looking for, but if we catch them and they are illegal, they will be deported. And this is not ICE's fault this is California's fault and their stupid "sanctuary" city/state laws. Because if you would just cooperate and tell ICE that you have the criminals locked up and let them come and get them, then they wouldn't have to do the raids. Then again, that would be using logic. Something that Liberals don't know how to use!

And for Dale, the commenter from below. I invite you to go to Europe and see how their immigration policies are working out. Or rather not working out. Try Germany, or Sweden or Norway. Or Paris. These places are not doing too well and I think that the citizens would say that the problems are mainly stemming from their immigration policies. In fact Austria just had to ban the burqa and I believe Denmark is joining that ban.

America is a great country because of what we have. And we have what we have because of the rights and freedoms we have. But along with those rights and freedoms,we have rules and laws that must be followed. And it all works because it works together. Laws and freedoms go together. It is like when you have kids, you love them and and you want what is best for them. But you also know that you can not just let them do whatever they want. They will become spoiled and brats and no one will like them. They need rules and limits so they can grow and become productive members of society.That is why we have rules and limits on immigration.

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