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Michelle Obama: White Men Ruin Politics
Conservative News
by Breaking    

Michelle/Michea your so smart, I wonder if you knew that there were 5 previous leaders that held the presidency before your husband was ever president of the USA, this was during colony days, and they were fair to all races not just BLM , it was before dem-rats vs republicans, more like Wigs and ????? You Michelle are a racist, you even wrote your college thesis you hate whites, how much more racist can that be. You and your husband are thieves who have stolen so much from the American tax payers, and to think your daughter deserves a free education at our expense. You have money but you spend it on several homes, jets, cars, under ground showed government, and paying people to riot, even paid the Oberlin college Students in OHIO who were black 300 dollars each if they would say good things about your husband and you, paying for votes how unfair is hat. Fraud votes many votes from dead people to get elected a 2nd time. You both should be locked up and put behind bars for life with out parole..Evil will always lose and the two fo you are very evil....victor true vicxtory comes from honest people and hat leave you out.

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