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Senator introduces bill to ban bump stocks used by Vegas killer
Conservative News
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(Updated: October 04, 2017)

Here we go again. The agenda of the people who won this election is going to be derailed again! If it is not a firearm, it will be a car, a machette, a baseball bat, a pressure cooker. Article V.

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Lisa Vacula Written by Lisa Vacula
October 04, 2017
Ms. fienstien.. I will not say enough is enough.. because you have not seen our inner cities have you? the second amendment allows us to legally train and arm against a tyrannanical out of control government.. we the people will not allow you to remove our right to defend ourselves.. this person was deranged and no matter what .. he would have gotten the guns even from your corner thug and gang- banger living there in Las Vegas.. I will write my congressman myself and tell him the same thing.. it is idiocy to remove the right of self defense.. from any where.. because had someone armed been in the room next to him.. i am sure they would have taken him down..
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