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I agree: a man who got rich in real estate, spends his time gambling, and has dozens of guns sounds like the typical leftist progressive commie scum like Obama and Pelosi. Typical libturd. I also agree CNN is to blame because...................USA USA USA!!!

This leftwing nutjob is a standard model liberal hatred bent on killing western music fans because all liberals are full of hate and cannot tolerate western music, except of course commies like Woody Guthrie and Willie Nelson.

I am proud that Fox news would present the truth....that mass murder is a left wing conspiracy to kill conservative cowboy music lovers. And of course, the real guilty part is CNN because..................Make America Great Again!

We should round up the entire CNN crew and give some rednecks assault weapons and tell them they can do with the CNN fascist/killers what they wish. I would be more explicit, but......................USA USA USA!!!

When fake news bleeds over into mass murder, it's time to shut them down. Lock em up! Lock em up! Lock em up! Fuck anyone who doesn't agree with me. I may not be a forensic psychiatrist but I know a demorat when I see when.

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