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Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4
Conservative News
by Leading    

The communists want to tear down America...they have to be totally ignorant of the conditions in Soviet Russia in the past. The people at the top had money...and food. The people at the bottom had nothing. They were lucky to survive. Why are they glorifying the communist way of life?
These Communist protestors are a bunch of losers....ready to cause trouble. Communists think Paradise is having others take care of all their needs....and this is what they are angling for. They don't want to work or do anything productive. They are only good at destruction...not anything constructive
I say "Who needs them? It will be no loss to the world, if they are put out of their misery."

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2 results - showing 1 - 2  


2 results - showing 1 - 2  
Necrophage Written by Necrophage
October 01, 2017
The people "at the bottom" during the Russian Revolution were not "lucky to survive." THEY DID NOT SURVIVE. Tens of millions of innocent, peaceful people were starved, shot, or buried alive by leftist "revolutionaries" because they were inconvenient.
The antifa vermin want to do the same again, but this time the innocent people are armed.
And we are very, VERY angry.
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Gene Smith Written by Gene Smith
October 01, 2017
The perfect start would have been to run down the morons holding the signs.
That is asinine and the CHP was WRONG for standing there, protecting a group that would NOT DO THE SAME FOR THEM.
There is a limit to this sort of stupidity and I seriously doubt that the average American will put up with or go along with, or side with or any other with....I do see a whole lot of bloodshed though.
Waking the sleeping tiger is never wise.
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