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Prosecutors Unveil Full Details Of Anthony Weiner’s Pedophilia
Conservative News
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Weiner is scape-goat distraction, while the Bush family goes free, the Clinton family goes free, the foreign alien, alias Barrack Hussein Obama goes free, the CIA/MOSSAD/ISIS continue to terrorize the Middle East, Europe, the US and the world.
The available info against Weiner does not support the charge of paedophilia. Weiner raped no one, but sent a photo of his penis on the internet to a 15-yr old female. Yet, the 13 and 14 yr-old females who have babies did not become pregnant from a foto on the internet.
Meanwhile, former president Wm. Clinton forced how many women to engage in sex?
Neither verifiable birth certificate for the alias B.H. Obama, nor evidence of American citizenship has been published, both he and his transvestite partner are homosexuals, he continues to violate the US Constitution, yet neither has been charged with any crimes. Weiner engaged in “promiscuous“ behavior on the internet, while his wife engaged in criminal behavior for how many years ? Yet Weiner has been convicted and his wife goes free? The “Weiner penis-photo case“ is an excellent case of a “Piddlyass distraction“ from important issues.

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Sandy Howell Written by Sandy Howell
September 21, 2017
I agree with you that this is a lot of hype about old news, not noteworthy compared to real world news, and just wasted on most of the readers. There are a lot more important topics to discuss, but people seem to bring many of them is when responding to these low-brow news stories. So why not respond in kind.
As I told Dale... Weiner is a wiener who misbehaves sexually with very young girls, minors, which in American society is defined and recognized as perverted for his age. Who knows how far that his actions could have gone with the 15-year-old, or have gone which is also possible, with other young girls. In any case, a strong deterrent is proper to halt further abuse, and that is the intention of the law for abusing minors without knowing if he has ever caused physical harm. He serves some time, pays some fines, and hopefully learns his actions will not be further tolerated. He will be publically humiliated over time and that hurts. As to his wife, well she is under the umbrella of the Clintons, so she could probably do anything and not suffer a consequence. There is a lot of truth in all the things you pointed out.
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