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Each of the pastors leading these "riots" should be required to read Judge Wilson's ruling and jail them until they have read it as part of a sentence. (Protestors read exactly what your advocate, Antonio French, testified about). The ruling is very clear & fair, however the Post Dispatch never prints the exact truth and thus this destruction of innocent business' being vandalized, and that hurts the people who supposedly this ist to help. I would have used fire hoses the first night and dispersed the crowds and if they didn't arrest them. I ask everyone who sympathizes with these so called protesters to read the ruling.

Then get on your knees and ask Jesus for forgiveness and also ask the Lord Jesus to convict these pastors of their sins and to teach the true Words of Jesus. We need the Lord and reasonable men to change St. Louis' climate & leadership. Please Pray. Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO (Christian & Conservative)

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