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These students do not realize the history our country was founded on, all they want to do is show the power they have. most of those students have nto studied the USA history, and realize how far our country has come over the years. They are trying to make a statement that no one counts but them. However, if it hadn't been for Lincoln who freed the slaves, and most were not slaves in the sense as those in other countries, they worked cotton fields and farms but given housing, dood clothing and pay too and yes many had been taken by owners and reproduced. and had families. No different then today from Blks, Islamic whites etc, having raped another person of same or another race to reproduce and satisfy they needs are these people any different? President Jefferson was a great president helped the slave have power in USA through farming, without all this we wouldn't be the USA in a matter of speaking. I would think these students would appreciate President Jefferson, and be proud of wht he did for our country. If they are not proud of this they should attend college somewhere else, or even better move our of this country. Yes Jefferson was a slave owner had several children and even sold them for money, however, is that any different then those that kidnap our children and sell them through sex traffi ting? History is just re[eating itself in a different manner. WE are not SMART people as wse don't learn from their errors of others, we still fall into the same sinful acts just call lit by different names. Perhaps the BLM and others could find a different way to make better changes then try to destroy the past that is still there in books, internet etc for anyone that wants to learn about our leaders. Do they really think they are any better then these they are trying to destroy and discredit?

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