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Why aren't you Muelier investigating the democrats that have created these lies again our President. Why are you wasting our tax money in unending investigations that have turned up nothing. Maybe you should be investigated Maybe it is because Obama, Hillary, Soros, and others have something on you, maybe you like the chaos you are causing our nation with all these dead end investigations. You are on a witch hunt, and you need to stop it now, maybe we as Americas should rise up against you and your crew of OB supports and H.C lovers and make sure your all investigated, I'm more then sure we will be going to war, and unfortunately your life style and power will not help you when you get to heaven as you will be held accountable for your actions, and the horrible witch hunt, bribes and deals you have made in order to hurt America. Maybe you are part of the shadow government and still work for Obama...sure hope I'm wrong but sure points in that direction.

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