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Ok Dems/Liberals and also some Republicans, "no fraud here".....Of course there is voter fraud and you don't want to persue it because it will take away your votes.....I can only hope more will be found and that goes for Republicans too.....No illegal should be able to vote....It just seems to me the Dems/Liberals are always trying to find away to help them....There is defiantly more out there.....

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Merridee Pavlenko Written by Merridee Pavlenko
August 09, 2017
Not only the ones making the id, b.c. and licenses should spend time behind bars,
but also the ones purchasing and reselling them too, these illegals should be
deported on the spot., also find for committing fraud. And yet the democrats say there
was no voters fraud, and this was going on since 2015 in Massachusetts....so wonder how many
votes Obama got that should never have happened. Of course he never should have been on the
ballet to begin with since he is a Muslim and not American. There has been so much crime within
our government, state officials and employees for years, and no one has done a thing about it
until now, and then they say no thee hasn't been and others fraud, Well President Trump is once again
right. Maybe they should begin listening to our President, and help him put a stop to the crimes that are going
on in DC, Senate, House, Congress, Justice Dept FBI and other government officials, as well as the state
employees. I hope all that did the crimes will get to pay lots of time in prison, maybe we will have to build a
few more to hold them all, or send them all to California who accepts everyone, hum...and then build the 50 foot
wall around California. This has gone on long enough. Money should not be allowed to be used to buy freedom
and rights that have not been legally earned....
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