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On a Scale of 1-10, How ANGRY Are You At Republicans?
Conservative News
by Story3    

12 The rapepublicans have become enamored with the Reichwing. They reject the teachings of Jesus, the archetypal Liberal, and seem to think longingly of Hitler, like their moneybag Koch bros.

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3 results - showing 1 - 3  


3 results - showing 1 - 3  
Roberto Benitez Written by Roberto Benitez
July 31, 2017
Thomas, so you think that Jesus was a liberal socialist progressive fascist who favored authoritarian government? Who is it who hates Israel and favors immorality like slavery, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, pornography, indolence, rioting, pillaging, arson, revolution, murder, rape, illegal immigration, government corruption, and Islam, the hallmarks of the Old Style Mayor Daley Chicago Mob Socialist Democrat Political Machine and Plantation? Also, as for the Koch brothers, I don't hear of them trying to overthrow countries by destroying their economies like George Soros. Nor do I hear of them supporting election shenanigans like colluding with foreign nations on their soil to create false dossiers or to hire foreign enemies to be IT consultants to members of Congress so as to engage in espionage.

But let me ask, do you accept Jesus the Messiah? Do you believe He came as God in human form? Do you think He arose from the dead?
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Ron Oliver Written by Ron Oliver
August 01, 2017
Very well orchestrated, thought out and delivered. I sincerely hope Thomas Baker has the ability to truly understand what you have laid out here because, it is the reality and what MOST REAL Americans have been enduring for these past eight years. Yes, Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. And, he will soon return. Of that, I have no doubt and we, here on this earth have begun the battle to rid ourselves and God's world of the ungodly who have introduced these evil things into our lives. Donald Trump is a good man and he is working to turn our nation, God's nation around. Trump's battle, In my opinion, is like that of David. He is commanding an army yet it seems that he alone is facing the giant. These so called Republicans have become the traitors and I liken them unto Judas. I just wonder how many pieces of silver THEY have been given to betray.
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mark Written by mark
August 06, 2017
I Couldnt have said it any better.
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