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On a Scale of 1-10, How ANGRY Are You At Republicans?
Conservative News
by Story3    

Iy's time to make an example of the RINO's and the Republicans who constantly go against the party.I say HURT them in any way possible. Make people remember. (Maybe it will take fake news about these people)? Start with who is lining their pockets, too bad the media doesn't do investigating like the old days when there was still some honesty!

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Roberto Benitez Written by Roberto Benitez
July 31, 2017
We should absolutely make an example of those Republicans who're unwilling to join in an agenda of restoring the rule of constitutional law in America by ridding the country of the curse of crony capitalism, corruption, and fascist socialism. We need to encourage four things the Republicans ran on; clean repeal and replacement of the ACA, build the border wall/fence, reform the tax code, and protect our people from illegals already here. But I doubt the GOP will do so. They have far too many vested interests in keeping the status quo.

So it's not a matter of supporting a party or a leader. It's a matter of supporting the Constitution and the hope America was founded upon.

By the way, in no way should we act like the progressives. We mustn't resort to canards, innuendos, or prevarications about anyone. But exposing the corruption as you suggest is paramount. We must act in accordance with the principles we espouse.
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