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Illegals have long enjoyed the fruits of this nation which is why Mexico fights so hard against any kind of reform in this country-why should they when we feed, clothe and provide schooling and medical care for their poor? It is a great relief tor Mexico and beside, illegals provide the 2nd largest source of cash income to Mexico next to Pemex [its oil business] from all of the money they send via Western Union so Maria can make improvements to the homestead in Juarez! The US taxpayer is the biggest sucker in the world to pay for the BS it provides illegals from welfare, Section 8, ADC, free schooling and more and there is even an 'underground' system in places like CA which guides them through the maze [in their own language of course] to get them boatloads of US cash-a great gravy train that our own vets can't even tap into thanks to the jackasses that ruin places like CA.

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