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Senate GOP shifts focus to Loretta Lynch
Conservative News
by Mid-Day 1    
(Updated: June 18, 2017)

By the time they get through investigating the Clintons and the Obama - or whoever he is - administration they will need to open a new prison. Their corruption runs very deep and involves 100's of people. Don't forget Susan Rice already under investigation - maybe she can explain how it is she has amassed a $40,000,000 fortune - mostly from dealings with Iran. We have seen on the news all this week about how far Obama went - lying to make sure his precious Iran deal went through. There are the 3 Pakistanis that were working on IT at the White House and for several high ranking Democrats. If what they were doing was so legitimate why did they flee the country back to Pakistan and are currently under government protection? We know about Hillary Clintons involvement in arranging the sale of all of that uranium to Russia to expand their nuclear capabilities - while all the while Obama was trying to reduce ours. We have information that indicates that Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was never Barry's biological father in fact he was never even legally married to Barry's momma. We know Barry lied time and again, about who he is and where he came from. He lied when he registered at Occidental College as a foreign student - one way or the other he lied. We know he had to surrender his license to practice law to avoid prosecution for lying on of all things his damned Bar Application - One can only imagine all of the lies he has managed to keep sealed - this guy is a perpetual and pathological liar. His "family" the real Obama's in Kenya no longer believe that they are related and would like to see a DNA/paternity test for proof - so they can move on one way or the other. How much would you bet that Barry will never "willfully" submit to such a thing?

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