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Army general calls for up to 20,000 more troops in Afghanistan
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What is needed is to get together will all of our friends in the World and if they want to win there how much money and personnel do they want to contribute to the cause? Then go in with thousands of personnel and let the enemy know that they are all going to die! Then kill them all, if there Mothers are there cooking for them and they have their wives there also they may also die! Time to win this war or get the hell out!

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David Stevens Written by David Stevens
June 17, 2017
This war is not winnable. We have lost too much in the Arab world. There is nothing there that we want and the more we get involved the more the militants want to kill us.

Get all of our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and wish those countries well. Help them in non military ways.

Bush the younger's decision the attack Iraq was the dumbest decision any president has made and Obama's support of the Arab Spring
was misguided.

David Stevens
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