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"In the year I was born, U.S. vital statistics reported that more than 700 women died from abortion. The true number was substantially higher, and the population of the country was less than half of that today. In 2010, the most recent year with data available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 10 deaths from abortion nationwide. Why the profound change? The principal reason was the legalization of abortion in America. Childbirth-related deaths have decreased over the decades, but not so dramatically. To me, it seems clear: Access to safe, legal abortion saved women’s lives."
Under the Trump plan, saving lives will be punished.

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There is something wrong with your brain ..... sorry
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Dale Ruff Written by Dale Ruff
May 20, 2017
If citing facts is wrong, let me be wrong! Thanks for the troll.

America needs more deaths by illegal abortion!
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