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Today's funding of Planned Parent hood is killing infants and a few women. So if we defund them then infants by the huge numbers will not die or motherswont die. This will also stop the illegal baby parts industry that is selling These parts.

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2 results - showing 1 - 2  


2 results - showing 1 - 2  
Robert Webster Written by Robert Webster
May 19, 2017
This will stop nothing, abortions were around long before anyone reading this comment or their grandparents were even born and will be around for as long as women get pregnant when they do not want a child.
You are just making it so these women have to go to unsafe places to get their abortion,. If we are going to defund something that has been already approved by the Supreme Court then I think it should be done with a referendum so everyone has a say not the few pro lifers who want to make it illegal, I do not know when you will understand you can not stop people from doing what ever they want to do. Thousands of women died in dirty back rooms having abortions before it became legal. that is exactly where you wi9ll be driving them by making abortion illegal. Where is any proof that any baby parts were sold, I do believe there was an indept investigation which proved the edited videos were all wrong.
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Christi Duncan Written by Christi Duncan
May 20, 2017
If they don't want the babies they should keep their legs close
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