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these bastards are really sick.

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John Trenter Written by John Trenter
May 13, 2017
You hateful people are real gems, I tell you. Thank you William for your above comment! You hypocrites at this meeting talk all about haters and bash Trump, maybe you forget to look into your own souls and see all the crud there. Rep. MacArthur, you sure have some crazies in your area so I give you kudos in being courageous. Try to realize that since we are not like them, for every 50 of these nuts there are hundreds of us quieter ones who voted out some of the hypocrites, liars and thieves. Just remind them over and over that we won the last elections and don't have the predisposition as they obviously do to attack and always find fault. May they be prayed for that their sin-sick souls be saved from hell before it is too late for them. I convey my personal sympathies to you on your very personal loss and say that time does not heal perfectly on this side but there will be a reunion on the other, my blessings to you. You appear to be a good man trying to shine a light in a dark area. And I ask that you support legislatively all the attacks on any so-called disabled or handicapped person made in the image of God! Blessings!!


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Diane Carol Grimaud Written by Diane Carol Grimaud
May 14, 2017
Thank you for your heartfelt comment, I just don't understand people these days, it's sad.
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