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Report: DOJ Prepares Charges Against WikiLeaks, Assange
Conservative News
by Breaking    
(Updated: April 21, 2017)

Leave Assange alone. Why don't you go after the real cirminals like Obama, killery, etc. Thank God for WiliLeaks and Assange for exposing the corruption in Government. God bless you and stay safe Assange...

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Doc Browning Written by Doc Browning
April 21, 2017
Former CIA station manager, former marine, John Stockwell´s video overviews the 3rd world destruction that the CIA has pursued since 1950, conducting hundreds of coup détat, www youtube com/watch?v=l1_3ayrwkc4 . More recently, former CIA officers Philip Giraldi and Ray McGovern stated that president Assad of Syria has not conducted gas attacks on Syrians – or anyone. Who in president Trump´s cabinet is providing him with fraudulent information? Former USArmy Psy-Ops officer Scott Bennett documented the CIA to fund ISIS via Swiss bank accounts. (details at “My Story”, by Scott Bennett) Assisting the CIA/MOSSAD to destroy the sovereign nation, Syria, and its democratically-elected president Assad, was not one of president Trump´s campaign promises.
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